At JMAC Rail, Health and Safety is at the heart of all we do, it is one of our main values and is at the top of our board and management meetings.

Our primary aim is maintaining and further developing a first class safety culture within JMAC Rail. It's our belief that accidents are almost always preventable, so we're committed to promoting safe behaviour, as well as educating all of our employees in safety procedures  and continuously improving the management of  safety and health

We work hard to continually improve our performance on safety by:

          •     Promoting an environment in which doing things safely is our


          •     Constantly monitoring our health and safety performance to

                  ensure continuous improvement

          •     Working to continually identify hazards and risks in the

                  workplace so we can eliminate or reduce them as far as


          •     Continually improving, measuring our performance through

                 client satisfaction, audit and review.

We are a company that cares about our corporate and social responsibility, and are always looking at managing and improving our impact on both the environment and society.

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